«The birth of a French Watch-making house  »

The SEA-AIR-LAND adventure started in 2005 with a special order for watches for police officers belonging to RAID, the special French police enforcement unit. These watches were expertly crafted to meet the needs of these security professionals. The originality of their design has enabled them to fulfil every requirement of the members of the French Special Forces. MATWATCHES have proved their worth in action in the activities of the various military units deployed in the French army’s many theatres of operation.

MATWATCHES is one of the very few and one of the last independent French watchmakers firmly rooted in family values that puts the emphasis on reliable operation in day-to-day use. The firm of MER-AIR-TERRE has always upheld the traditions of French watch-making, right from the outset.

This French brand was founded in 2007. Since then it has grown to have not only its own manufacturing workshop, but also an R&D department, a quality control unit, an after sales department, a showroom, and also its own Marketing & Communication department. The workshop, located in the Rue Vignon, close to the Madeleine Church in Paris, is devoted entirely to the assembly, quality control, maintenance and repair of MATWATCHES brand watches. These facilities mean that MER-AIR-TERRE can design and manufacture its products fast and flexibly. We have our own design team who design the various models making up our current collection.

Day by day, our watch-making firm benefits from the experience and know-how of many serving security professionals. Their ideas and their advice help us create reliable and robust timepieces for specialist units and Special Forces. Our watches are respected and admired by collectors and watch enthusiasts alike.

Our models spring from one of the three elements – sea, air and land. MER-AIR-TERRE actually means ‘Sea’, ‘Air’ and ‘Land’ in French. The combination of functionality, quality and understatement has won the loyalty of a large section of the special unit and collector market. They find that MATWATCHES are the best timepieces for them.

MER-AIR-TERRE is a brand aimed at everyone who loves sport, adventures or beautiful objects, and who wants to step off the beaten track to find a watch of unique character.

« MATWATCHES: military watches with a powerful team spirit »

Passion and precision, know-how and excellence, esprit de corps and self-discipline – these are the values they share with the world of watch-making. That is why we have such strong ties with the most prestigious military units.

Several direct intervention units and teams have been so impressed by the superb performance, very reasonable price, robustness and easy-to-read dials of these automatic mechanical instruments that they decided they too wanted these watches.

These include the French special operations command and control centre, the Paris Fire Brigade, and the mine clearance unit. They have since ordered these instruments, adding special features to meet the specific requirements of their particular field of work.

SEA-AIR-LAND specialises in military watches. It has won the respect of all security professionals and watch enthusiasts. Its timepieces have three fundamental properties that set them apart: they are RUGGED, their dials are EASY TO READ and they are UNDERSTATED in style.

« They earn their keep on the wrists of the armed forces with their boots on the ground »

Since its foundation, MER-AIR-TERRE has forged close links with the special forces of various armies, particularly since 2005 when the AG1-RAID watch first went into production. It was the forerunner of the range, and has since become a brand icon. So, to celebrate the 30th birthday of RAID, the French elite police enforcement unit, and also its own first 10 years of existence, MATWATCHES once again produced a limited edition chronograph, restricted to 150 units, each with its own individual sequential number. These watches are the embodiment of the immutable values that these men raise to a peak of perfection, values of which the superb features of MER-AIR-TERRE products are the hallmark.

In 2013, MATWATCHES worked closely with the French Foreign Legion to mark the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Camarón. These watches, produced specially for the famous Foreign Legion, are authentic because these timepieces respect the cultural, technical and aesthetic codes that govern the work of legionnaires daily throughout their lives.

Also back in 2015, MATWATCHES got together with the pilots of the US Naval Force to design an automatic watch with an additional mechanical complexity: a second time zone. This feature is also much appreciated by travellers and globetrotting adventurers.

So our firm is founded on the work of the members of the Special Forces who wear these instruments on their wrists. These timepieces are the outcome of exclusive projects run for the benefit of and in cooperation with specialist units – the RAID special police enforcement unit, the French Foreign Legion, and the US Naval Aviation.


The passion that drives us makes itself felt at all levels: in our showroom, in our workshop, in our dealings with people, in the detail and attention we pay to our watches, and at our distributors. This passion has been the driving force behind our achievements to date, and will sweep this legacy forward into the future.

Visit us at our showroom or go to one of our distributors to find out about the passion that drives our firm and has allowed it to thrive.

MATWATCHES will be glad to see you at its showroom at the heart of the Paris Golden Triangle, right next to the Place de la Madeleine. At this private but welcoming showroom, you can discover the whole MER-AIR-TERRE collection in an exclusive and privileged atmosphere. It will give you a unique experience of the world of watches and watch-making.

Outside Europe, MATWATCHES exports its products to Japan, the US, Singapore and Indonesia in particular, and plans to develop a distribution network with a carefully selected group of exclusive boutiques. The value of our products is based on extremely reasonable and attractive prices, with no compromises on quality or ruggedness.

« MATWATCHES ambassador Club, a big family »

The Special Forces’ qualities of excellence and meticulousness, which are replicated in our brand’s values, are also espoused by the privileged few who wear our watches. Our club currently has several thousand members along with ambassadors from various backgrounds, such as Bruce Dickinson (music & aviation), Denis Brogniart (journalist & TV presenter), the French rugby players Olivier Magne, Alexandre Flanquart and Damien Chouly (playing for France), Olivier Panis (motor racing), and Bixente Lizarazu (football).

MATWATCHES works with its ambassadors to create watches that meet their needs and fulfil their highest expectations. No detail is left to chance. They choose SEA-AIR-LAND products because they know we are committed to the highest quality. They know they will be wearing a unique item, worn only in exclusive circles.

Read more about our ambassadors  in the topic OUR AMBASSADORS.

The Club provides its members with many benefits. These include the opportunity to meet and spend time with our firm’s ambassadors, to be invited to private events, and more.